Quick Update and I Need Your Input

You guys made some pretty persuasive arguments on whether or not to pull the plug on my home internet connection.  I hadn’t considered the fact that the library internet would not be secure as Marlene pointed out.  I’ve been hacked enough times for one tech challenged person I can’t risk it again. Cat, on the other hand, pointed out how the tech industry, Google and others, are switching to renewable energy. So maybe it won’t be much longer before those servers aren’t sucking up all our fossil fuels.

So with that I’ve decided to keep the internet.  What is the point of pulling the plug to try and convince myself that I wouldn’t be contributing to a technology that is unsustainable.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to import the contents I’ve been able to save from previous blog into this one and then do some major house cleaning.  I’ve imported the first batch which should be up within the next 24 hours. I don’t know how this works so I’m concerned that you will have a full inbox of notifications from me and am afraid to upload the rest.

Would you please let me know if your inbox is being overwhelmed. I’ll stop and see if there is a way I can prevent the rest of the material from doing that when it uploads.


Return of the Geek

There hasn’t been much happening in the way of good environmental news lately so rather than complain I’ve just kept quiet.   There are other people who have a voice that gets the message across better than I do.  One of those people is a person we affectionately have referred to as The Geek in our family.

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New Goals Continued…..

The first figures for my challenge are from my water bill.  Yesterday I told you the goal for water usage was 10 gallons per person per day.

Not sure if someone could find my home by the meter number but thought it smart to hide that one piece of info.

For the months of February and March my usage was 207 and 213 respectively.  My usage rose some since last year.  I added a washing machine to do my laundry where last year I sent out all my larger items (to my lovely daughter-in-law) to have them washed. Also, from June until March of this year I had my son and granddaughter staying with me every weekend, using my shower, flushing the toilet and washing up. With those things in mind, I’m not real concerned about the increase.

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Setting New Goals

I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with the home restoration.  The big projects left to complete are growing smaller.   Of course the gardens won’t be complete for awhile.  There’s some landscaping to do, the butterfly and bee garden to plant and expansion of the edible areas of the garden but I don’t count that as home repairs.

As the work winds down I’ve been assessing the environmental cost of this rehab.  I can honestly say that I’ve accomplished what I set out to which was to bring this sad house back to life using as much used and free materials as possible.  While a lot of paint was used to brighten the rooms I was able to do most of the upgrades using found or used materials. Even the dry wall I needed to patch walls were free to me, scraps from another person’s remodeling. Only one light fixture was purchased new (the bathroom fixture).

Decorations for Easter (eggs hanging from a piece of yarn) made using used cardboard. She was happy with them and that’s all that matters.

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Weekend with Kids

Before I tell you about our weekend I want to apologize for leaving you hanging but my internet provider had some problems and I was without internet for most of last week.  In a way it was really nice but that’s another story for another day.

My son had some excavation and repairs happening at his house this week and needed to get some prep work done over the weekend which meant I got to spend two days with the youngest grandchildren.  I’ve seen pictures of the mess left behind at their house and know I got the better deal.

The weather was lovely so we were able to spend much of the day time hours outside.

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The Gift of Simple Living

I am grateful for my simple lifestyle.

I stopped working outside the house twenty years ago to stay home with my children.  I toyed with returning to work a few times when I was still able to but the desire wasn’t there.

By keeping my wants and needs miniscule I am free to give of my time when others need my help.  I am reminded to be grateful this week for the freedom this lifestyle provides to me.

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On the Cusp of Spring, So Much to Do

I think spring has finally arrived. Temperatures are hovering in the fifties but signs of spring and new life are popping up every where.  I’ve got my fingers crossed the snow forecast for this weekend won’t cause lasting damage. April is pretty late for us to have snow, it’s only happened four or five times in my lifetime, but we had snow last year at this time too. Is this another sign of the new normal?

With spring comes a long list of things to be accomplished.

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Better Child Proofing

When my children were little the market for child-proofing gadgets was just beginning. The best thing any parent could do was to put dangerous items out of the reach of a child and lock doors.

Curiosity Never Ends!

Then came the advent of lots of plastic gadgets to protect children from household dangers. Some work some of the time, but not all work for all children and some children open these gadgets easier than their parents do.

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Reimagining the Simple Ikea Table

Ikea, you either love them or hate them. Personally, I find a lot to love about their simple designs and their affordability.

My son and his wife purchased this dining table seven or eight years ago when they were setting up their first home together. Recently, they upgraded to a lovely dining set that complemented their current home better and asked if I wanted the table.

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Escaping Through Crafts

It’s wonderful having my house back finally. The first thing I did was move all the furniture back into place and scrub the place top to bottom. I forgot just how much of a mess children can make in such a short period of time.

We baked together, played board games and shared books. Can’t think of a better way to entertain guests.

The birthday girl had a lovely day.  She asked for a Mulan inspired day. We weren’t sure how the boys would enjoy it, but enjoy it they did.  Dad even arranged for a face painter who was very talented.  You can see my youngest brother behind her (in the green shirt). Baby brother is the only sibling I keep in touch with but he lives a couple of hours from me so it was good to catch up with him and his wife.

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